A Mind at Peace; A Life at Peace

01 With peace of mind, we'll have peace in life.

02 How to develop a sense of security

03 Be the master of your mind

04 Face challenges with courage and non-attachment

05 Constantly relax your body and mind

06 To benefit others is to benefit ourselves

08 Open-mindedness frees us from external confinements

07 Take good care of yourself

09 Living in the present moment!

Now, many people are anxious about the future. In my view, to seize the present moment is very important, for it is of no use to worry about things yet to come.

10 Every day is a good day

11 To have peace is to be blessed

12 See hope and embrace happiness


The Meaning and Value of Life

In countless lifetimes, we live the consequences of our actions. For our life to have value and purpose, we should not blindly follow others in pursuing something, but should instead wisely pursue ...

Putting into Practice the Principles in Raising Children

Parents should spend more time communicating with their children. Resort to guidance rather than authoritarianism.  

How to break our attachment to life and death?

If we can face and accept our mortality by applying the conceptof impermanence, and always prepare for it, we will be more detached when we or our loved ones die, and therefore suffer less.