{Buddhadharma} Causes and Conditions

How to apply the wisdom of adapting to conditions?

Adapting to conditions is not an absence of principles, or being hypocritical. Adapting to conditions is about grasping and fostering causes and conditions to win people over to the Dharma and help them grow spiritually, while letting it be when the circumstances are simply not right.

Eliminating attachment by contemplating the causes and conditions

Knowing that things come and go due to causes and conditions, then we won't have any attachment and distress, and therefore we won't suffer.

Buddhism is a non theistic belief in causes and conditions

The environment we're living in is created by the vows and karma we made in the past lives. We're born in this environment and receive our respective results due to our karma.

The causes and conditions that exist between twins

From a Buddhist perspective, the formation of twins reflects close relationships and similar karma in former lives, and is easily explained in terms of the law of causes and conditions

Causes and conditions are not mere coincidence

Many people confuse causes and conditions with coincidence, or waiting passively. Some even use the lack of causes and conditions as an excuse to justify their laziness. Don't wait passively for causes and conditions; instead, try to bring them about. Nevertheless, once you've tried all you can but the plans you thought to be failure-proof just won't materialize, it's also the work of causes and conditions.


Eliminating emotional attachment by changing our thinking

We can reduce our desires by following the Dharma, and thereby release our problems and troubles.


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