Dealing with Suffering

The difference between pain and suffering

Ourbody will feel physical pain as long as we're alive. However, if we let go of our attachements, we can be rid of mental suffering even in this life; otherwise, suffering may last endlessly.

Suffering as one of the Four Noble Truths

Suffering comes from our inner afflications and results from our past actions. We can reduce suffering by following the Path and creating no more negative causes.  

Mindfulness of sensation as suffering


By practicing mindfulness of sensation as suffering, we will not blindly pursue fleeting pleasures. 
Instead, we will have few desires, be content, and give of ourselves countinuously, and thus truly live in ease and joy. 

Eliminating suffering by not regarding suffering as suffering

Phenomena arising from causes and conditions are impermanent and empty. 
Insight into impermanence and emptiness enables one to leave suffering behind and gain genuine happiness. 

True happiness lies in liberation from suffering

Genuie happiness comes from doing good deeds, being generous with one's time and energy, and helping others.


The difference between Buddha and God

The difference betweeen Buddhism and Christianity is that Buddha is the believer's "teacher", while God is the believer's "master." 

Eliminating emotional attachment by changing our thinking

We can reduce our desires by following the Dharma, and thereby release our problems and troubles.

Control our Emotions and Thoughts through Willpower

Development of self {Stage 3: Controlling our Emotions and Thoughts through Willpower} Constantly observe and monitor our mental activities. Learn to gain better control of our states of mind ...