Talks about Life from the Buddhist Perspective

- Understanding impermanence and living life to the fullest
- Life's responsibilities
- The meaning and value of life
- Realizing the value of life

Facing with illness

- A Mind at Peace, a Life at Peace
- Mild illness is conducive to one's spiritual practice
- How does Buddhadharma help people with terminal illnesses?
- Illness

The Barrier of the Mind

- How to break down the barriers of our mind?
- Why does Buddhism compare our mind to an ox?
- Where exactly are the pure lands?
- Teachings in the sutras for cultivating the mind

Meditative Concentration

- How to enter meditative concentration?
- Is there any harm in entering meditative concentration?
- What does meditative concentration feel like, and what kind of wisdom it generated?
- How to achieve the stae of one-pointed concentration?
- The meaning and states of samadhi
- Let's see how Master Sheng Yen elaborate on the practices of meditative concentration!