{Buddhadharma} Karma—the notion of cause and effect

- Can reciting sutras and mantras help eliminate bad karma and dispel disasters ?
- Karma—the notion of cause and effect
- Conditioned arising induced by karma
- Karmic power and the unconscious
- The law of karma and people's destinies

Transforming the concepts and the minds

- Practicing the Buddhadharma by transforming the concepts
- How can one transform depression into an open and clear mind?
- Why people in society feel insecure?

Make a good wish for the world!

- Blessings through practicing the six paramitas and myriad good deeds
- A good wish for the world
- The true meaning of a practical life
- What does sharing others' joy actually mean?
- Speaking kind words and doing good deeds to strangers
- How do we speak kindly to and do good deeds for friends?

Humanistic Buddhism

"To uplift the character of humanity and build a pure land on earth. "

The Year of Great Good for All

- The Year of Great Good for All (I)
- The Year of Great Good for All (II)
- Great Good Month

The significance of Sutra Recitation and Mantra Chanting

- Practices of Avalokitesvara: recitation of the Buddha-name and the Six Syllable Mantra
- The purpose of sutra recitation and mantra chanting
- Reciting the Buddha's name verbally or mindfully?
- What's the meaning of saying "Amituofo"?
- The merits of reciting sutras
- What is the significance of reciting the Buddha's name?