Loving Kindness

- The three levels of compassion
- Levels to benefiting others
- Benefiting others is benefiting ourselves collective karma
- How to cultivate compassion to become wisely compassionate?
- While we care for others, how should we protect ourselves from hurt?


- Enlightenment vs. seeing the true nature of one's mind
- The difference between gradual enlightenment and sudden enlightenment
- How can we attain enlightenment
- The meaning of enlightenment and Buddhahood
- Is enlightenment equivalent to Buddhahood?

To be freed from attachment

- Eliminating emotional attachment by changing our thinking
- How to be free from attachment?
- How to break our attachment to life and death?
- Attachment vs. will power

Emptiness and Middle Way

- Contemplating emptiness, the Middle Way, and the emptiness of self nature
- Why contemplation of emptiness and of the Middle Way are one?
- The Middle Way and its applications
- The Middle Way and its application (continued)