Follow the Buddha in Study

Follow the Buddha in Study

How to choose good dharma teachers? What are enlightenment and liberation? What is the difference between Buddha's Land and heaven? This album answers some of the most common questions a Buddhist Beginner may ask.

We rearranged the scripts of Master Sheng Yen's talks in the Great Dharma Drum program, had them recorded, and made these audio tracks. We hope to provide an alternative way for you to learn Buddhadharma.

Are Bodhisattvas and Buddhas Human or Deities?

Buddha, Bodhisattvas, and Human

Causes and Conditions Are Not Mere Coincidence

How Do We Choose Good Dharma Teachers?

Is Buddhism A Religion, the Buddhadharma, or A Philosophy?

The Differences between A Buddha’s Pure Land and the Heavens

What Is Enlightenment?

What Is Liberation?

Why Do Evil Thoughts Even Produce Bad Karma?

What Is The Meaning of Sentient Beings in Buddhist Terminology?

What Is The Proper Way to Dispose of Buddha Images


A Mind at Peace; A Life at Peace

Stay peaceful and embrace happiness. There are 12 tracks inside, available for free download.