Buddhadharma in Daily Life

Buddhadharma in Daily Life

How to deal with setbacks, separation from loved ones, low self-esteem, bossy Buddhists? This album provides a Buddhist perspective to see issues around our life. We rearranged the scripts of Master Sheng Yen's talks in the Great Dharma Drum program, had them recorded, and made these audio tracks. We hope to provide an alternative way for you to learn Buddhadharma.

A Look at 'Life Plan' from A Buddhist Perspective

Buddhist Perspective on Environmental Protection

Having Few Desires and Being Content

How Can We Become A Contented Person?

How Do We Ease the Suffering of Separation from Loved Ones?

How May We Avoid Becoming the Slaves of Our Craving?

How to Calm An Agitated Mind

How to Deal with Bossy Buddhists

How to Deal with Setbacks

How to Help Those with Low Self-esteem Overcome It

How to Put Out the Mental Fire When in Anger

Using the Dharma to Cease Suffering and Attain Happiness

What Are the Causes of Jealousy?


The Wisdom to Calm the Mind

How can we face with this rapidly changing world with a peaceful mind? Click and find out!

A Mind at Peace; A Life at Peace

Stay peaceful and embrace happiness. There are 12 tracks inside, available for free download.