In Western philosophy, the view that the physical word is in some sense mental or derivative of the mental.

Incense Board

(Chinese: hsiang-pan; Japanese: kyosaku) A long, flat board used in the meditation hall to hit dozing practitioners or to help provide the final impetus to realization for those who are "ripe."

Incense Stick

one sitting period; the time it takes for one stick of incense to burn down, approximately thirty minutes. Not to be confused with "INCENSE BOARD."

Intermediate State

The state of existence of a being after death, said to last for a maximum of forty-nine days, during which it possesses a spirit-like body. Not all Buddhist schools accept the existence of the intermediate state: in contemporary times, whereas traditional Tibetan and Chinese Buddhists believe in it, Theravāda Buddhists deny the existence of such a state.