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Practice Walking Meditation to Experience Chan in Motion

Can walking be a method of Buddhist practice? When one thinks of Buddhist practice, what often comes to mind is either sitting meditation or reciting the Buddha's name. In fact, Buddhist practice is more than sitting on a cushion; walking can also be a good way to enter the gate of practice. Over 2,600 years ago, the Buddha guided his disciples to practice walking meditation—a method of practice that incorporates walking in the forest or along a pathway to constantly rein in and collect the mind. .   
After Buddhism spread to China, walking meditation gradually evolved into a variety of other practice methods, including fast walking meditation, Buddhist circumambulation, and pilgrimage. These methods all aim to help practitioners harmonize the body and mind while in motion. Through walking, we train ourselves to be clearly aware of our movements, which in turn helps us to constantly remain relaxed and aware of body and mind in daily life, by calmly abiding in the present moment.
The following are the links to the introduction to the methods of walking meditation,
Buddhist circumambulation, and pilgrimage.

Slow Walking Meditation

Fast Walking Meditation

Buddhist Circumambulation