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​Carry out Daily Dharma Practice However Busy We Are

Living in modern society, we have been so busy paddling in the whirl and turmoil of busy daily life that over time we hardly notice our deeply ingrained self-centeredness. When we don't reach agreements with others, our emotional state can be easily influenced and we may thus commit minor indiscretions. Clearly, finding a way to maintain peace of mind is essential for everyone.    

Buddhists rely on regular daily practices, such as sutra recitation, prostration, upholding mantras, and meditation to maintain peace of mind. Master Sheng Yen once encouraged people to carry out daily Dharma practice saying, "What really counts is your persistence, not the amount or the duration of the practices." Even with only a few minutes spent on our practice, we can still calm our minds in the long run as long as we let go of everything else and just focus on the practices.
However, we might carry out our regular practices half-heartedly as they become part of our everyday routines. That's when we need to remind ourselves of the reasons we started out daily Dharma practice and get ourselves back to a beginner's mindset.
Moreover, working on daily practices not only is a way of self improvement, but also a way to benefit others when the peace of mind brought by the practices prevails among people and the society. The moment when we share benevolence and peace with others, we are becoming less self-centered and we are truly working for the benefit of others.

Issue 326 of Life MagazineDharma Drum Publishing Corporation
 Hsu Tsui-ku (許翠谷)
Translation: Hsiao Chen-an
Editing: DDM Editorial Team, Greg Aiani

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