Chan Meditation Roadmap

The Attitude Toward Chan Practice

Some people say that mountain climbers are really wasting their time. They have nothing better to do so they climb mountains, tire themselves out, and come back with nothing to show for it. Yet a person who climbs a tall mountain sees the world and experiences nature in a very different way from someone who never leaves his own front door. Genuine mountain climbers do not struggle up great precipices for the glory of it. They know that glory is only a label given by others. A true climber climbs for the experience of climbing. And this is an experience no one can have without setting a foot on the mountain path. If there is any purpose in Chan, we may say it is to discover the nature of the self. Those who make this effort discover something sublime. They do not strive for glory and praise from others. Rather, they do the work for themselves.


Dharma Drum - The Life and Heart of Chan Practice – Part One -Transforming Suffering, p.98