Encounters With Master Sheng Yen

 In an effort to share with the public the thoughts and life experiences of Master Sheng Yen, founder of Dharma Drum Mountain, the Sheng Yen Education Foundation embarked on a series of talks beginning in September of 2009.

Fifty-three talks were given at the Sheng Yen Lecture Hall (located in the official residence where Master Sheng Yen lived in his final years). The talks were titled“Countless Teachings through His Living Example – Personal Encounters with Master Sheng Yen," and we invited all his monastic and lay disciples to share with us their stories about Shifu, how he taught them through his living example and words. Listening to these speakers’personal accounts of the interactions between teacher and student allowed the audience to commemorate Master Sheng Yen's journey, and once again hear his gracious teachings.

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