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Sunday Online Meditation Group Session (San Fran)

【Date】Sundays Jan. 3 ~ Jan. 31, 2021

【Time】11:00 am – 1:00 pm (North American Pacific Time) 


Come!  Come practice and learn together with us - online, while building camaraderie, diligence and having fun.  Explore the journey of self-mastery through Chan Meditation.
For month of January, 2021, in Ven. Guo Yuan's absence and at his encouragement, we continue these weekly sessions to further our practice -together- and to further our faith in the practice, in this powerful group setting continuum, with practitioners from around the world.
Agenda (subject to change):
- Moving meditation (guided, ~30 minutes)
- Seated meditation (guided, ~30 minutes)
- Dharma Talk (video of the Venerable or Master Sheng Yen, ~15-20 minutes)
- Discussion and Sharing – small groups (Zoom breakout rooms, ~20-30 minutes)
Please allow enough space in the comfort of your own home/space for moving meditation.  For seated meditation, a sturdy/comfortable chair where the thighs can be leveled with the body would be good, although meditation cushions/bench would be best if you have them.

Please register to attend the Zoom meeting.  We will also broadcast live on our Facebook page.  

** The format, duration, and delivery of this event has changed, to accommodate the varying nature of being online, instead of being in-person at our Center.
** Please email for offline support if you run into any issue.  Our volunteers will get back to you as soon as they can.

Hosted by Dharma Drum Mountain San Francisco Bay Area Center