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Online Chan Meditation | Dharma Talk | Q&A | Group Study

[ Date ]:    Every Saturday

[Time ]:    14: 00 ~ 16:00 
(London time)

If you like to learn Chan (Zen) meditation from the very beginning, deepen your practice, ask questions about your daily practice from an experienced and qualified teacher, and/or study the theory side of Chan (Zen) meditation with a group, then you are most welcomed to join our weekly sessions. The best way to find out meditation is not only by reading books but also directly experience it. There are no entry requirements other than an open mind

Schedule* (more details below):

  • 1st Saturday: Meditation Instructions (recommended for beginners, all are welcome)
  • 2nd Saturday: Meditation + Group Study
  • 3rd Saturday: Meditation + Dharma Talk/Q&A by Teacher Guo Gu
  • 4th Saturday if not the last: Mediation Practice
  • Last Saturday: Meditation + Dharma Talk/Q&A by Venerable Chang Wu

* We will need to adjust our schedule according to our teachers' availability. Please refer to our weekly email for accurate activity information.

How to Join?

Here are some steps to help you in joining the Online meditation space. Please allow yourself 10-15 minutes before the session to get the technology ready.

  1. Click "Select A Date" button on this page to register for a session. Donations welcome!
  2. Join us with Zoom details (including password) in the Eventbrite order confirmation under "Additional Information" section.

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Detailed Schedule*:

Meditation Instructions:

The session aims to cover some basics of meditation as listed below. The best way to find out meditation is not by reading books but directly experience it.

  • Introduction
  • What is meditation?
  • What are the right sitting postures?
  • What is meditation method?

14:00 - 16:00 / Meditation Instructions

16:00 - / Optional sharing


Meditation + Group Study:

The session allows you to practice meditation followed by a group study on one of Master Sheng Yen book.

14:00 - 14:05 / Greeting & Introduction (5 mins)

14:05 - 14:25 / Moving meditation (20 mins)

14:25 - 14:55 / Sitting meditation (30 mins)

14:55 - 15:00 / Short break (5 mins)

15:00 - 16:00 / Group study & discussion (60 mins)

16:00 - / Optional group social


Meditation + Dharma Talk / Q&A:

The session will provide you with chances to ask questions about your own practice. Some direct experience in meditation and/or knowledge in Buddha's teachings may make conversations more meaningful.

14:00 - 14:25 / Moving Meditation (25 mins)

14:25 - 14:55 / Sitting Meditation (30 mins)

14:55 - 15:00 / Short break & Self-massage (5 mins)

15:00 - 16:00 / Dharma Talk and/or QA (60 mins)

16:00 - / Optional group social


Meditation Practice:

The session will provide time for you to deepen your practice with a group and some guidance. Some direct experience in mediation is required.

14:00 - 14:30 / Moving meditation (30 mins)

14:30 - 15:00 / Sitting meditation (30 mins)

15:00 - 15:05 / Short break (5 mins)

15:05 - 15:35 / Sitting meditation (30 mins)

15:35 - 15:40 / Self-massage (5 mins)

15:40 - 16:00 / Sharing & discussion (20 mins)

16:00 - / Optional group social


*The time-keeper will adjust the schedule accordingly on the day. This is an example of a typical schedule.

Housekeeping Rules:

To give yourself and everyone else the best experience, and to let questions & answers flow smoothly, we would like you to follow a few simple housekeeping rules. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

  • Please mute your microphone while not talking, to avoid any possible disturbance.
  • We recommend you turn on your camera so we can see each other, as a smile is better than a thousand words. However, camera use is optional, please do whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.
  • Please only ask questions related to your own meditation practice. We want to keep this session beneficial to many of us from different backgrounds. We believe Dharma comes to life only when we practice it.

What is Dharma Talk?

Dharma talk is a common activity among Buddhist meditation practitioners during which students listen to a teacher talk about a specific topic, such as fear, attachment, or vexation.

In Chan tradition, Dharma talk emphasises more on the questions from the students. There is a phrase that is “Deep question, deep awakening. No question, no awakening.” So please feel free to raise questions at the right time.

You don’t need to be a Buddhist to ask questions related to meditation. Meditation is open to everyone. Different meditation practices share the same foundation. What you learn here can be applied to other meditation methods or traditions.

Who are Teachers?

  • Venerable Chang Wu - She is the Director of Dharma Drum Mountain Vancouver Centre in Canada. She was a business professional holding an MBA before studying Chan with Master Sheng Yen in New York in 1993. She entered monastic life in 2000 and has been teaching Buddhism and meditation since 2003. She regularly gives public lectures and leads retreats in the USA and Europe. She visits us annually.

What is Chan Meditation?

  • Meditation is understood as self-cultivation, a process of working with our mind and body to develop focus and clear perception.
  • Chan is the precursor of Zen. It is the Chinese translation of the Sanskrit word dhyāna means the meditative state.
  • Chan teaching directly points to the ultimate truth, the nature of mind, or who we are. There are two unique Chan meditation methods you may heard of: Hua Tou (Japanese: wato), and Silent Illumination (Japanese: shikantaza).
  • Chan practice focuses on cultivating mindfulness, compassion and wisdom in our busy daily living. Practice being able to relax and be content at every moment.


Who are we?

  • We have more than 10 years of experience in running group meditation sessions, meditation retreats, public & corporate talks on mindfulness and meditation in the UK.
  • We are a branch under the Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association (DDMBA). We share the Dharma Drum lineage’s teaching of Chan Buddhism and meditation.

If you like to give us some feedback or leave a comment please do not hesitate to drop us an email. We will get back to you as quickly as we can. Please bear in mind we are a volunteer-run organisation so response time may vary; we appreciate your patience and understanding.