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Liberating self and others: Great Compassion Liberation Rite of Water and Land

Different approaches of the rituals will be provided in each shrine, such as those for warding off adversity, liberating all sentient beings, and making offerings to beings, either from higher or lower realms. During the rites among eleven shrines, the practitioners could take such opportunities to purify their karma of body, speech, and mind; and atone for their misdeeds through the various rituals of worshipping, repenting, making vows and offerings.

Hence, the practitioner's wisdom and meaning of life would be refreshed through the practice in the rituals, and make benevolent wishes for all sentient beings to be liberated from the suffering. More than 6,000 disciples and volunteers attended the first-day ceremonies together, at DDM World Center for Buddhist Education.
The eleventh Infinite Practice Shrine is a portable and customized practice for DDM volunteers. They can be seen wholeheartedly dedicating themselves almost everywhere, from the very beginning to the end of the dharma service. Ms. Zheng, Yu-Ling, providing her volunteering service ever since the first year of the Rite, assisted with searching for digital ancestors' soul tablets for participants. Zheng shared that, thanks to technology advancements, DDM can effectively uplift the dharma services and significantly streamline the manpower and usage of facilities in the shrine, one step after another, from earlier manual service to providing Cloud Services since 2013. She was quite grateful to witness the developments in technological innovations applied to digital dharma propagation. Ms. Li, You-Wen, attending the assemblies for the third time, said she would easily have a shattered mind if reciting Buddha's name alone at home, whereas with collective practice, it was easier to focus and pacify distractions. Therefore, she planned to attend "Dharma Talks of the Yoga and the Feast for Hungry Ghosts", together with thousands of practitioners this late evening. Through her friend's introduction, she started by attending the service of Earth Treasury Shrine, in the hopes that it could help her late mother to be transcended. She also really appreciates what DDM is promoting, namely, holding services through the vision of protecting the spiritual environment, emphasizing Buddhist right view and sincerity with no waste of natural resources.
DDM World Center for Buddhist Education also provides "Online practices" for long-distance practitioners, as well as live dharma services in thirty-three branching monasteries worldwide for local practitioners nearby.

Texts/Video: Lin, Ya-Ying (林雅櫻)
Photos: Lee Fan (李東陽), Huang, Xuan-Wen (黃暄文), Lin, Ya-Ying (林雅櫻)
Translation: Elenda Huang (頤嵐達)
Editors: DDM Australian Editorial Team