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​[Urgent Notice] The Three-day Amitabha Chanting Retreat Will Become Live-stream

Concerning the rising alert to the pandemic and everyone's health, the Three-day Amitabha Chanting Retreat at Nung Chan Monastery from 12/25 to 12/27 will become a live-streamed one in order to avoid large crowds. The live-streaming 
link will be posted here.

* During the retreat, Nung Chan Monastery will not be open to visitors.
* The retreat will begin at 9 am and conclude at 5 pm every day.
* Eight Precepts Receiving Ceremony will be performed by the monastics during the retreat. 

Sincerely welcome everyone to participate in the online 3-day online chanting retreat and jointly pray for the world.

With Joined Palms

Nung Chan Monastery