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[Notice] The 2020 Dharma Drum Mountain Great Compassion Water and Land Service will be held as scheduled

Dharma Drum Mountain(DDM) will make adjustments to the response measures and announcements based on the immediate epidemic situation announced by the Central Epidemic Command Center. 

Date: November 21 (Sat.) to November 28 (Sat.)

Location: Dharma Drum Mountain World Center for Buddhist Education, New Taipei City, Taiwan

(The 2020 Water and Land Service is only accepting applicants within Taiwan. People in other countries are welcomed to attend the dharma assembly online. The link will be published here on this page.)

Eleven prayer halls will be set up in DDM's Great Compassion Water and Land Dharma Service, which are General Hall, Grand Hall, Wish-fulfilling Hall, Medicine Buddha Hall, Pure Land Hall, Dharma Lotus Hall,  Chan Hall, Earth Treasure Bodhisattva Hall, Surangama Hall, Avatamsaka Hall, and the Hall of Infinite Practices. Each hall has its focused scripture for chanting and featured method of practice, so participants are welcome to go to the hall of their own choice to practice accordingly. The halls are

Schedule of Each Hall (Mandarin)

(1) Online Sign-up (Mandarin)
(2) Official Registration: after completing the online form, please take the booking number to any registration counter (in Taiwan) before November 8 to complete the registration procedure and obtain the registration receipt.

Please Note:
1. We recommend the elderly, unwell, and those with a weak immune system to assess their health status and participate through their local group or online instead.
2. This event adopts the "real-name system" and applicants must register in advance with their full name. No last-minute drop-in participants.
3. In order to maintain social distancing, spaces are limited. Please confirm that you can attend before registering.
4. If you are not able to attend after registration, please make a cancellation; the modification can only be made once.
5. Masks must be worn throughout the service. Please consider carefully whether or not you would be able to adapt to the requirements.

For further information, please visit the website(Mandarin) dedicated to the Great Compassion Water and Land Service.
or learn more on this site(English).

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