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Turning Mind Full to Mindful—DDYP Meditation Series

Our daily lives are full of all kinds of complicated thoughts and worries that physically and mentally exhaust us. Dharma Drum for Young People (DDYP) in Vancouver conducted a 2-hour meditation practice for participants between 18 to 40 years old to demonstrate how to cultivate awareness in a peaceful and mindful manner. With the guidance of a residential monastic, the participants from various cultures and backgrounds experienced the meditation practice from moving meditation to a calm sitting meditation together on a serene afternoon on May 14th, 2023.
Participants who attended this meditation practice were from different backgrounds and professions, and most of them are the children or grandchildren of senior members of the centre. The meditation guidance was conducted in English which created an opportunity to attract more young generations who grew up locally to learn Chan meditation in a more approachable way. 
The Venerable guided the participants step by step from 8-form moving meditation to the sitting meditation. A DDYP volunteer demonstrated the 8-form moving meditation, which showed the participants how to be aware of their motions and sensation mindfully. They also learnt to count their breaths during the sitting meditation practice. This method brought them from the state of movement to relaxation gradually and naturally. During the practices, the Venerable helped participants adjust their postures to ensure everyone was safe and stable. Yoga and self-massage practices followed the sitting meditation practice, led by a DDYP volunteer as well.
Most participants said that the 8-form moving meditation helped to relax their bodies and minds. When asked if they will be planning to continue their practices after the session, most of them gave a positive response.
On June 18, there will be a half-day retreat. Participants will learn how to apply methods of meditation and be mindful while eating, sitting, walking, and performing all other daily activities. DDYP volunteers have been practicing how to be a timekeeper and how to play dharma instruments to provide participants with a more peaceful and richer learning experience for later sessions.
Registration is still open. Join us to explore a more mindful and aware lifestyle!
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Written by DDYP 20230523
Photo: DDYP 20230523