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DDM Participates in the 31st Hong Kong International Book Fair and Shares Dharma Life Teachings.

The Hong Kong International Book Fair, which was cancelled last year due to the pandemic, was held this year from July 14 to 20 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. This year's theme was "Inspiring the Mind," and was intended to recommend spiritually inspiring books and writers. The hope was that readers could receive more positive information from reading these books to develop and grow mentally as well as to be inspired in life. 

DDM Hong Kong Chapter set up a booth at the Book Fair with the theme "Peace and Ease", with many DDM publications on display and booklets for distribution. Many book lovers came to the Book Fair to search for books that could nourish their mind and spirit. The books at the DDM HK booth were quite popular among readers because DDM publications are aimed to help people calm their body and mind using simple methods to deal with a variety of stresses in modern life. 

DDM HK Chapter held a lecture at the Book Fair on July 18 with the title "You Can Choose NOT to be Afraid." Ven. Chang Li, psychologist Dr. Rhoda Yuen, and psychiatrist Dr. Leung Lam Ming were invited to share about how to confront various mental and physical reactions to fear using Master Sheng Yen's "Four Steps for Handling a Problem.”

The three panelists argued that the kind of fear that has arisen from both social and pandemic-related crises in recent years has been mainly due to individual attachments. What's the alternative to fear? The panelists suggested that we must tell ourselves that fear is inevitable, and therefore we must first and foremost face up to the impermanence of these external events. Embracing life is another important practice. We need to remember not to exaggerate or impose extraneous mental states and attitudes onto the current situation. Otherwise, a simple pain can be easily transformed into tremendous suffering. 

The panelists continued to share their tips on dealing with fear, one of which was to focus on things that we could change, rather than get attached to things that are not within our control. Ven. Chang Li reminded the audience that if we could learn to handle these issues, stress and fear would not accumulate. We also need to practice and cultivate compassion to see others' needs, thereby reducing self-attachments. As we try to perceive obstacles with a humorous mindset, we will be able to cope with fear and thus be at peace with it.

Text:  DDM Hong Kong Chapter
Photo: DDM Hong Kong Chapter
Translation:  Olivia
Editing: Jessie Goulter, Keith Brown