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Dharma Drum Mountain Social Welfare and Charity Foundation Donates More than 1000 Food Boxes to Help Socially Disadvantaged Families Weather the Pandemic.

To coincide with the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, which represents happy families and reunions, Dharma Drum Mountain Social Welfare and Charity (DDMSWCF) delivers to families in need of food boxes which are donated by people from all walks of life.

On Sept. 7th, Ms. Ke Yaobi, Chairwoman of DDMSWCF, accompanied by Vice Chairpersons Mr. Chen Zhaoxing and Ms. Wang Qiongzhu, visited Taipei Agricultural Products Transportation and Marketing Company (TAPMC) to package donated food supplies. In addition, they came to express gratitude to TAPMC Chairman Mr. Huang Xiangqun, and General Manager Mr. Weng Zhenxin for providing supplies, discounts, packing assistance, and other forms of support for DDMSWCF's autumn caring project. On behalf of TAPMC, Chairman Mr. Huang and General Manager Mr. Weng also joined this project by adding two pomelos-- a "must-eat" fruit during the Mid-Autumn Festival-- to each box, along with noodles.

Knowing that the pandemic has caused many families to face problems of unemployment, wage cuts, and the like, Chairwoman of DDMSWCF Ms. Ke was subsequently very grateful for the charitable donations, and hoped that it would help every family in need. The Chairman of TAPMC also expressed appreciation for the opportunity to work together with the foundation. Purchasing agricultural products from TAPMC not only helps the farmers continue to yield high quality products, but also ensures that the families receiving the boxes are eating healthy food.

The DDMSWCF stated that the food boxes donated to more than 1000 households this year contained both quality food products distributed by TAPMC, and great products from Shelter Factory. DDMSWCF wishes to continue doing whatever it can to support people in need, and to see them through difficult times.

Text: Kuo You-zhen (郭又禎)、Chang Yao-chuang (張曜鐘)
Photos: Lin Ya-ying (林雅櫻)
Translation: Tina M. 
Editing: Keith Brown