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Send Warmth In the Cold Winter; Chan Meditation Center Helped Donate 200,000 Meals

Due to the pandemic, many people have lost their jobs, and, in the process, financial support for their families. In response to this situation, on December 16th, 2020, Chan Meditation Center (CMC), New York, under the name of Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association, donated the funds received from the Water and Land Dharma Service and Winter Charity Initiative to the food bank in New York and the refugee camps and domestic violence centers in St. Louis. CMC hopes that, in spite of the impact of the epidemic, families in difficulty will still have enough food and supplies to survive the cold winter during the Christmas and New Year holidays
As part of the Winter Charity Initiative, CMC normally donates the food prepared for the Food Offering ritual in Water and Land Service to the food bank at the end of the year. Since 2017, CMC has additionally started to donate the remaining funds of the service to the refugee camps and domestic violence centers in St. Louis. However, in 2020, besides donating the funds received from the service and the Winter Charity Initiative to the recipients in St. Louis, CMC also decided to donate part of the funds to the food bank instead of donating food directly, to lower the risk of infections during food delivery during the severe pandemic. This way, the food bank would take charge of the food purchase and delivery. It is estimated that there will be 200,000 meals provided to families in need.
Ven. Chang Hwa, the Director of Chan Meditation Center, stated, "In 2020, the US has been impacted massively by the pandemic, and everyone is facing an unprecedented challenge. We appreciate that people of all walks of life contributed generously, putting empathy into action so that fewer people would suffer from hunger in the cold winter."

Text: Chan Meditation Center
Translation: Hsiao Chen-An

Editing: Keith Brown