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DDMBA COVID-19 USA Relief Project:
Delivered Supplies to Chit Myit Tar Foundation

As the year 2020 draws to a close and the COVID pandemic continues to prevail, many people around the world are suffering due to the shortage of supplies that could help prevent the spread of infections. To meet this need, Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association (DDMBA), together with Four Noble Truths USA, donated 50,000 disposable three-layer face masks to Chit Myit Tar Foundation, in the hopes that the pandemic will subside and the world will be restored to peace and health. The recipients of the masks include Myanmar National Health Laboratory, Department of Medical Research, Yangon General Hospital, East Yangon General Hospital, South Akkalapa Women & Children Hospital, North Okkalapa Hospital, to name but a few. DDMBA expresses its gratitude for all of the donations it has received in support of this project.

Text & Photos:  Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association
Translation: Hsiao Chen-An
Editing: Greg Aiani; Keith Brown