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Dharma Drum Mountain Hong Kong Center Sent Love to the Community

The epidemic has reduced the income of low-income families and the elderly, some of which cannot even afford to pay for their daily meals and are worried about their livelihood. In response to it, Dharma Drum Mountain Hong Kong Center, led by the abbot Venerable Chang Zhan, and I M Possible, a non-profit organization, co-organized the "Peace of Mind - Community Care and Anti-epidemic Activity", which was expected to show care and send blessings to 1000 households in Sham Shui Po District, Hong Kong.

A simple opening ceremony took place on September 13, 2020. Dr. Gao Yong-Wen, Chairman of I M Possible, and Venerable Chang Zhan officiated at the ceremony, and legislator Ms. Chen Kai-Xin, Leader of I M Possible Volunteer Team, gave a talk to the volunteers and cheered them on.
"Spiritual Blessing Pouch", the aid pack, included a box of facial masks from the High Fashion Charitable Foundation Ltd and food items such as rice, rice vermicelli, udon, canned food, and seaweed from sponsors. There was also a smaller pack named "Environmental Protection Blessing Pouch" containing Master Sheng's 108 Adages of Wisdom, "Wish for Happiness" Omamori, a small rice packet to symbolize peace, and a card with a smile printed on it.

During the opening ceremony, Venerable Chang Zhan shared an exhortation from Master Sheng Yen, founder of Dharma Drum Mountain, that person who enjoys blessings are not necessarily blessed, but rather, people who plant and cultivate blessings are the truly blessed. Venerable praised the honored guests, sponsors, and volunteers for their selfless dedication, which is the best way to present the concept of cultivating blessings. He also expressed gratitude to the Chairman of the Sham Shui Po Welfare Association, Mr. Liang, Ju-Hai, for lending his venue for the ceremony.

After the ceremony, with the help of volunteers, supplies were distributed at the event site and residents entered the venue to get a pouch in an orderly manner. At the same time, 10 teams of staff from Dharma Drum Mountain and High Fashion Charitable Foundation Ltd. were formed to distribute the packs to the residents who were unable to travel in person due to frailty. The community care campaign ended at 5 pm, but volunteers from the Dharma Drum Mountain and I M Possible continued to distribute more than 800 packs in the area in the following weeks.
This epidemic has brought unprecedented challenges to people all over the world. However, as Master Yeng Yen said, changes in the external environment are normal so we don't need to think about the negative side; as long as we are full of hope and keep our mind calm we will be safe and sound.'''

Text & Photos: Dharma Drum Mountain Hong Kong Center
Translation: Hsiao, Chen-An
Editing: Shi, Min( 史敏); DDM Australian Editorial Team