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Dharma Drum Mountain Social Welfare and Charity Foundation Awards Scholarships to Outstanding Students in Chiayi

Updated May 3, 2022

On the morning of April 24th, Dharma Drum Mountain Social Welfare and Charity Foundation held a scholarship awards ceremony at the Chiayi County Spinal Cord Injury Association's Archery Sports Base for physically and mentally disabled persons. Among those attending the ceremony were Ms. Yao-bi Ke, President of the Foundation, Shu-jen Yeh, President of DDM Dharma Affinity Society, and Zhang-liang Weng, the Chiayi County Governor. Together, they awarded scholarships and bursaries to 38 outstanding students from local middle schools, high schools and universities, in the hopes of reducing economic burdens on families with limited resources and thereby fulfill their aspirations to study.

The opening ceremony of the Archery Sports Base was celebrated on the same day. As Dharma Drum Mountain Social Welfare and Charity Foundation sponsored the required expenses to set up the resting area of ​​the base, President Ke was invited to participate in the unveiling ceremony. Qing-liang Lin, Chairman of the Spinal Cord Injury Association, presented a certificate of appreciation, which was received by President Ke on behalf of the Foundation. National Chung Cheng University's archery coaches and athletes with spinal cord injuries also attended the ceremony. Chairman Lin said that he is very grateful for the kind assistance from all walks of life, so that members of the Association can have a resting area where they can shelter from the wind and rain.

"I started to receive scholarships and stipends from middle school, so that I could focus on my studies without worrying about finances and gradually progress towards pursuing my dream of being a photographer", says Lin, a student from Wufeng University of Science and Technology who took the initiative to take photos as a volunteer for the Foundation. Lin is very grateful for the long-term financial assistance of the Foundation's patrons and the support of his mother. His father went into a vegetative state due to an accident at work, and his mother actively obtained a nursing license to work part-time while taking care of him. Although life was difficult, the mother saw her son working in a convenience store to improve the family's financial situation. In addition, he also used his multimedia expertise to serve as a volunteer. His mother expressed gratitude, remarking "Thanks to my son for accompanying me through the emotional low tide, and I am also grateful to the Foundation's help, making our life better and better."

The Foundation stated that "Scholarships for Students with Limited Resources", which has been established since 2000, is a long-term student aid program supported by the donations from kind people from all levels of society. Now entering its 40th term, the scholarship will benefit more than 1,300 students across Taiwan.

Text: Ya-ying Lin (林雅櫻)
Photos: Ya-ying Lin (林雅櫻)
Translation: Bright Su 
Editing: YKL, Keith Brown