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Delivering Warmth Together in the Aftermath of Disaster

Updated January 11, 2022

At the end of December 2021, unprecedented heavy rainfall during the annual monsoon season caused severe flooding in eight Malaysian states. With disaster reports pouring in from devastated regions throughout the eastern coast, groups and organizations of all backgrounds and religions reached out to help with the relief efforts, as well as offer assistance to rebuild people's lives in the aftermath of the flooding.

In the spirit of social care, Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Centre Malaysia initiated monetary donation collections to assist victims trapped in their homes or at the relief centers. In addition, they have donated bedding supplies, in an effort to bring some relief to the urgent needs of several remote villages in Pahang state.
Over a period of six days, DDM Malaysia volunteers worked ceaselessly to wrap the bedding supplies into sets for efficient distribution. During the process, Venerable Chang Ji lead everyone in prayer and aspiration, urging all to recite the Buddha's name while performing their tasks and send their blessings to the victims. At the end of the preparation, the Venerable thanked everyone for their contribution, believing their heart-warming efforts would be well received by the affected victims. 3000 sets of bedding were donated and delivered in three consignments to the rural villages around Bentong in Pahang state. DDM Malaysia is especially grateful to the local residents who are familiar with the region for their assistance in distributing the supplies to these remote villages.

Text: Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Centre Malaysia 
Photos: Pei-fu Yang (楊培福), Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Centre Malaysia 
Translation: Cheng-yu Chang (張振郁)
Editing: YKL, Keith Brown