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Online Happy Buddhists Course Ended with A Refuge-taking Ceremony

May 9th, 2021, is the graduation day of the Happy Buddhists online course jointly held by Dharma Drum Mountain Laity Education Department, San Francisco Bay Area Center, Los Angeles Center, and Vancouver Centre. On the same day, a Refuge-taking ceremony was also conducted. Some 130 students from Europe, Asia, and North America watched the ceremony and sent their blessings via live-stream to the thirty-three refuge takers, some of whom are located in Europe, Canada, and the US, aging from 20 to 80.

Venerable Chang Yue, who performed the Three-refuge Taking ceremony and transmitted the Five Precepts, said "To take refuge is to start practicing on the path for attaining Buddhahood. It means that we regard the wise and compassionate Buddha as the model, use the teachings from the Buddha and the patriarchs through history in our daily life, and see the Buddhists who are also on the path as friends and teachers. After the ceremony, you will be the Buddha's students. Never forget to hold the Five Precepts; pay attention to your bodily, verbal, and mental actions; make less bad karma; decrease karmic obstruction; do wholesome deeds rather than bad ones; cultivate good affinities with all sentient beings. This way, you won't fall into three evil paths of rebirth and will be protected by thirty-six deities, helping you to practice on the path."

Some 10 monastics from Dharma Drum Mountain Laity Education Department, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Vancouver centers gave lessons in the Happy Buddhists course. The contents included introductions to the Three Jewels, the meaning of taking refuge, how to practice as a Buddhist (focusing on bodily, verbal, and mental actions), Buddhist manners, how to practice at home, Dharma Drum Mountain (DDM), Chan Meditation, Dharma Assembly, the correct views of Buddhist practice, and other courses by DDM etc.

All of the students stated that they had learned a lot in the course. The introductory lessons gave them more faith and determination in learning Buddhism. They hope that they can deepen their understanding so that they can apply Buddha-dharma in daily life and share it with others.


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Text: Shih Hsiao-Ying (史曉英)
Translation: Hsiao Chen-an
Editing: Una Yang, DDM Australian Editorial Team