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A Historical Moment at the National Central Library:
Donation of the Complete Works of Master Sheng Yen

"The Complete Works of Master Sheng Yen" is the collection of the Master's lifelong practice and studies. It is also a condensed history of the development of modern Buddhism and Buddhist Studies. On December 1st, 2020, a donation ceremony took place at the National Central Library (NCL), where DDM's Abbot President Ven. Guo Huei presented a full set of the "2020 Memorial Edition of The Complete Works of Master Sheng Yen" to Director General, Tseng Shu-Hsien, who received the books on behalf of NCL.
"A bodhisattva saves others from hardship and suffering; a great bodhisattva takes on hardship and suffering itself."
"With compassion, you'll have no enemies; with wisdom, no vexations."
"Even with a single breath remaining, hope is unlimited."
"With peace in mind, you'll have peace in life." Ven. Guo Huei started his remark by quoting Master Sheng Yen's verses, and further stated that although the Master passed away 11 years ago, his works and wisdoms are still powerful today, providing social stability and peace .
Abbot President especially expressed gratitude to NCL for sending the Complete Works to more than 600 libraries worldwide and NCL's 34 Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies (TRCCS) around the world via the network of International Publication Exchange. By making the Complete Works available to the world, it's expected that the Humanistic Pure Land and Chan Buddhism which Master Sheng Yen had always been promoting will be spread everywhere, with resources provided for Chinese speakers to read and study.  
Ven. Guo Shyan, Managing Director of Dharma Drum Mountain Cultural Center, mentioned how DDM and the National Central Library came to be connected. It all started in the 3rd Chung-Hwa International Conference held by Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies 23 years ago. The conference took place at National Central Library and the former DirectorGeneral Tseng Chi-Chun is now the President of DDM Community University. Ven. Guo Sian expressed appreciation to the former and current Director Generals. Through this precious and wonderful connection, Master Sheng Yen's wish to spread Dharma to the world has become a reality.
Director General Tseng Shu-Hsien remarked, "What touches me the most is that the editorial team made footnotes and reference sources. This was surely not an easy task, but it enables readers to make further use of the references." Peng Jyun-Heng, Political Deputy Minister of Ministry of Culture and a faithful reader, praised the Complete Works for its usefulness, sharing that it is an important collection that has answered a lot of his questions. Peng has often applied what he has learned into his daily life to cultivate wisdom and bring hope to life.
Tseng Chi-Chun said that many people respect Buddhist scriptures; however, Master Sheng Yen interpreted the central ideas and concepts of Buddhadharma with modern terms and expressions instead of Buddhist terminologies. the Complete Works is thus accessible and useful to everyone, becoming a great resource to modern society. 
Among those attending the ceremony were Liou Jhong-Ji, the leading narrator of audio version of "the Complete Works", Cai Cing-Yan, Chairman of Sheng Yen Education Foundation, Jhong Ming-Ciou, Secretary-General of DDM Humanities and Social Improvement Foundation, Ke Yao-Bi, Chairman of DDM Social Welfare and Charity Foundation, and many other special guests who came together to witness this historical joyful moment.
Published in October, the "2020 Memorial Edition of The Complete Works of Master Sheng Yen" is a compilation of the Master's wisdom from his lifelong practice experiences. The main reason behind this edition came from the Master's instruction before he passed away. During the editing process, the previous version was re-edited, amended, and supplemented with related articles and references, for the benefit and convenience of future readers and researchers. The 2020 Memorial Edition is regarded as the final version of the collection.

Text: Chen Mei-Jyuan(陳玫娟); Lin Ya-Ying(林雅櫻)
Photos: Li Dong-Yang(李東陽); Lin Ya-Ying(林雅櫻)
Translation: Hsiao Chen-An
Editing: Angela Chang; Keith Brown