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DDM LA Invites Young People to “Have Fun at Work”

As the pandemic rages on, many young people and recent graduates in Los Angeles have since faced unprecedented challenges in the workplace. In light of this situation, Dharma Drum Mountain Los Angeles Center (DDM LA) has invited four entrepreneurs as well as senior volunteers at the center to deliver an online lecture series called“Have Fun at Work”. This series is designed to help relieve the stress young people face when entering the workforce.
With the theme of“Win-Lose vs. Win-Win”, the first lecture of the series took place on October 18th. Ivan Lu, Vice President of Dharma Drum Mountain USA Dharmapala, was invited to share his life experience with young people. He found that“the more setbacks I encounter, the more proactive I become in dealing with them”.
Ivan Lu mentioned that, just when he thought he was moving up in the world, he was suddenly fired, and had to temporarily face financial difficulties. In the face of negative impacts of the pandemic, such as scarce job prospects, Ivan encouraged the young attendees not to feel upset, but rather to see the pandemic as a short test, and thus move forward with a positive attitude.
He shared how, once he started practicing Buddhism, he learned not to create conflicts when tackling management issues at work, and, instead, to accept the situation. In not being antagonistic, one can turn obstacles into something beneficial, and thereby turn enemies into allies.
Venerable Chang Yue also participated in the lecture from the beginning to end and answered everyone's questions from the Buddhist perspective. She suggested that, when in doubt, follow Master Sheng Yen's teachings of the“Tripartite Formula for Success”, that is“Go with the causes and conditions, seize them as they come, and create them when they don't. Grasp opportune conditions when they come, and create them when there are none.  If conditions are not yet ripe, never force a thing through. All the ups and downs of life are nourishing experiences for our growth”.
Dharma Drum Mountain Los Angeles Center would like everyone to know what the lecturers of this online lecture series hope: namely, that, through sharing their life experiences, they can have the opportunity to learn, grow, and achieve the state of a settled mind with everyone else. The following talks are scheduled to take place on November 1 and 15. All the young people around the globe are cordially invited. To sign up for the talks, please email us at ddmbala@gmail.com.

Translation: Hsiao, Chen-an
Edition:  DDM editorial team; Mei Beh; Keith Brown