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​STILLNESS IN MOTION Online Retreat 03/20 - 03/27

While Coronavirus is spreading, there is the need for many to stay at home, working and living with the family often in stress and chaos.  This is the time to pause, reflect and bring wisdom, courage and care to ourselves and those around us.  This non-traditional seven-day online retreat from March 20-27 is designed for those who seek a convenient way to maintain and renew their meditation practice and apply it into their daily activities.  Most significantly, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear each of Master Sheng Yen's Western dharma heirs give dharma talks in a single retreat. This is a great opportunity to learn, practice and be inspired!

This retreat includes three daily meditation sessions, along with daily email reflections selected from Master Sheng Yen's texts, group discussion and sharing, Q&A and - most importantly - daily dharma talks by dharma heirs and disciples of Master Sheng Yen.  This virtual gathering will reinvigorate our practice.  We encourage participants to attend all sessions.  Otherwise, considering your other obligations, choose those that fit your daily schedule and create a schedule for yourself.  

"Stillness" means silence, tranquility and the absence of noise and motion. While meditating and during dharma talks, silence is required. For the rest of the day while you are going about your daily life, minimize communication, avoid news and entertainment if possible.  Try to arrange your days with simplicity and extend your awareness and relaxation to your entire day.  This will allow you to center yourself, relax your body, quiet your mind, establish peace and observe the present moment with awareness, wisdom and compassion.  This is a perfect opportunity to learn and apply your practice to the daily life.

We are experiencing extraordinary times.  Now is the time to draw on the inner strength of meditation and deepen your capacity to live with broadened awareness and tranquility. We hope you can join us! Please click here https://dharmadrumretreat.org/ for additional information and to register.

Text: Yen-Cih