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Gilbert Gutierrez presents Six Talks on “Development of Chan from the Beginning” Via Virtual Zoom Meeting

In order to uplift the understanding of Chan Buddhism, DDMLAC has invited Master Shengyen's Dharma Heir Gilbert Gutierrez to expound a deeper understanding of Chan School. Six classes will be given from November 7th through December 12th at 6:00 pm PST.
According to DDMLAC, the purpose of these classes is to pass on the Buddha's teachings through practitioners' actual meditation and daily life practice of Chan Buddhism. Classes will include Buddhist historical background and development of Buddhist doctrines in comparison of Theravada and Mahayana.
Gilbert emphasized during the first class the importance of the Right View and Right Action practitioners should always cast in their minds. He briefly gave introductions to the Buddhist core concepts of Emptiness, Dependent Arising and the Twelve Links, and highlighted that Chan practice should be a verb: applying practices in every moment through every rising thought, ongoing delusion sweeping processes to help the mind become clearer.
DDMLAC cordially invites all English-speaking Dharma friends to join us in a straightforward learning atmosphere to learn core fundamental teachings of the Buddha through the following website: https://www.facebook.com/ddmbala

By Gloria Wang of DDMLAC