Finding peace in ourselves and in others

Safety and security can be found amidst chaos if we seek peace and stability in our heart and mind.

Happiness is having mental and physical well-being; to be truly positive, even in the midst of our happiness, we must not forget those who are less fortunate and assist them in their quest for happiness.

If we can face despair calmly, be at peace in any environment, and accept things as they are, then what could possibly disrupt our peace of mind? There is nothing that can make us lose hope as long as we are still alive.

Progress in life must be built on peace and stability, with progress leading to fulfillment, fulfillment to humility, and humility to accepting differences. Many people failed to be humble nor accept differences upon gaining wealth and fortune, thus missing out on truly enriching their lives. Tolerance is a great virtue, so is the ability to accept differences.

We can only help others to be at peace when we are at peace ourselves; only by helping others and ourselves to be at peace can we be a truly positive person.

Excerpts from “A positive life, filled with energy” by Master Sheng-Yen

Translated by Chang, Cheng-yu (張振郁)
Edited by Chang, Yan-Di (張燕娣), Paul James, Leefah Thong

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