During October 14 to 16,” the First International Buddhist-Christian Dialogue for Nuns” was held in Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Monastery (佛光山寺) and was organized by the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue (PCID), in collaboration with the Association of the Major Superiors of Religious Women in Taiwan, and Dialogue Interreligieux Monastique ; in the theme of “Contemplative Action and Active Contemplation: Buddhist and Christian Nuns in Dialogue”.
Move the body:

Some people think that meditation means sitting totally motionless and static but this is not necessarily the case. With a proper sitting and posture the body is active in its stillness. This relaxes the muscles of the whole body, the joints, the nervous system, and stimulates the endocrine, digestive, and circulation systems to promote overall health. People seek massage to relax their muscles but the mind may still be restless, whereas sitting meditation thoroughly relaxes the mind as well. Sitting meditation can have healing benefits for some conditions such as high-blood pressure, arthritis, and neurasthenia etc. It is not surgery or a panacea, but it can improve health without one’s being aware of it.
On August 23, based on the subject "My two years at Harvard: Religious exchange and dialogue between the East and West", Venerable Chang Shen (常諗法師)shared her observations as a visiting scholar from three perspectives.
The Living Environment of Human Beings

Among the important living environment for human beings are these four: the meterial, the spiritual, the social, and the natural.