• Develop Everyone's Inner Treasure

    Uplifting the character of humanity by protecting the spiritual environment, building a pure land on earth based on Chinese Buddhism.

    Concerned with the future of Buddhism and Buddhist education, Chan Master Sheng Yen founded DDM by integrating the efforts of many people in 1989. The Center was inaugurated on 21 October 2005.

    Situated in an area resembling the shape of a drum lying on its side, DDM was named after an analogy in the Lotus Sutra ─ “beating the large Dharma drum” ─ in the hope that by beating the mind-purifying Dharma drum, people may obtain peace and harmony.

    DDM aims to care for humanity, purify the mind with the Dharma, and eliminate conflicts and barriers through global interaction, dialogue, and collaboration, so as to achieve a pure land by working jointly with all humanity.
  •  The Spirit and Character of the Architecture

    Combining humanistic features from both the East and the West, blending in the environment through ecological engineering methods.

    While planning the construction of DDM, Chan Master Sheng Yen led architects and Buddhist artists on many visits to important Buddhist location worldwide, including ancient temples and stone caves in China, and historical religious and cultural sites in India, Japan, Europe, and America, to study their architectural features.

    These were then combined with a modern spirit of Buddhism and a modern architecture style featuring multifunctional space design, rendering DDM an integral environment for education, spiritual practice, and cultural purposes.

    The colors used for the buildings are mainly brown, gray, and white, which signify our salute to nature, Buddhist calmness, and the vivacity contained in serenity. The Center was constructed applying ecological engineering methods, mirroring the contours of the mountain, creating a composed yet open atmosphere. 

  • Address : No. 14-5, Lin 7, Sanjie Village, Jinshan, Taipei County 208, Taiwan
  • Tel : 886-2-2498-7171  #1350, 1351, 1353


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