The Last Dharma Assembly for Transmitting the Light Ceremony Held in Kaohsiung

On 27 February 2011, Dharma Drum Mountain held the last Dharma Assembly for Transmitting the Light Ceremony at Ziyun Monastery of Kaohsiung City to honour the compassionate teachings and vows of the late Venerable Master Shen Yen. More than one thousand people from Kaohsiung and nearby townships attended this event.

The Abbot President said in his address that he looks forward to seeing everyone upholding the teachings of Master Sheng Yen by sounding the Dharma bell in one’s heart for acquiring a peaceful mind and for the creation of happiness for others.

The Abbot President also encouraged everyone to convey the Master’s teachings and ideas of Spiritual Environmentalism to sentient beings in the interest of the sentient beings themselves as well as for the sustainable development of orthodox Chinese Buddhism.

In honouring the vows of the Master, the Compassion Pilgrimage group, consisting of DDM monastics and lay practitioners, successfully completed the pilgrimage from northern Taipei to southern Kaohsiung on foot and arrived on time for the ceremony.

(translated by Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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