DDBC offers strong support for the Torch Relay of the 2010 National University & College Games

On 6 May, 2010, six cyclists bearing the 2010 National University and College Games torch arrived at Dharma Drum Buddhist College. In keeping with the need to be more environmentally friendly, this year the traditional torch was replaced with one that had a solar-powered LED bulb in it..

On hand at the main entrance to greet and cheer the torch relay team on were President of DDBC, Venerable Huimin, and Vice President, Mr. A-Min Tu, and all DDBC students. Later, Venerable Huimin, Mr. A-Min Tu and six DDBC students specially carried the torch and circled the Grand Buddha Hall as a symbol of expressing DDBC’s strong support and blessing for the 2010 National University and College Games.

Venerable Huimin said that the spirit of the torch relay for the Games can be likened to the spirit of passing on the light to all beings in Buddhism. He emphasized that the spirit of an athlete is in learning to be responsible and to build self-confidence amidst healthy competition. In the same light, the Buddhist tradition of transmitting the light is to send out the message that we need to continue to learn and persevere in our daily life, in order for wisdom and compassion, the essence of Buddhism, to be passed on to all sentient beings from generation to generation.

(translated by Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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