DDM sounds the Lotus Bell to pray for blessings & welcome the Chinese Lunar New Year

On the eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year in 2010, Dharma Drum Mountain sounded the Lotus Bell 108 times to welcome the new year, offering prayers with the hope that all will enjoy peace of mind, and their wisdom and compassion be made manifest.

The Dharma ritual of sounding the Lotus Bell began at ten o’clock in the evening at the Lotus Park of the DDM World Center for Buddhist Education in Jinshan Township, Taipei County. In spite of the chilly and wet weather, more than two thousand people showed up to attend the Dharma rituals held at the Grand Buddha Hall and the Lotus Park, demonstrating their strong faith, where they circled the Lotus Bell to pray for wisdom and a peaceful mind.

Honorable guests, including President Ying-Jeou Ma, Premier of Executive Yuan, Yun-Yi Wu, Magistrate of Taipei County, Hsi-Wei Chou, Chairman of opposition Democratic Progressive Party, Ying-Wen Tsai, also presented the event to join the devotees and the DDM Sangha Community in prayers to welcome the arrival of Chinese Lunar New Year.

Following the ritual of sounding the Lotus Bell, Abbot President, Venerable Guo Dong, pointed out that hearing the sound of the Lotus Bell can help enhance people’s wisdom and compassion, bringing them a peaceful and abundant year of 2010.

The 108th sound of Lotus Bell struck at midnight sharp, symbolizing the cessation of one’s vexations, a farewell to the past and ushering in a new beginning.

In order to enable people to experience and enjoy the beauty of Chan (Zen) at the DDM World Center for Buddhist Education during the nine-day new year vacation, DDM especially organized a series of fun and inspirational activities such as the Exhibition of Chinese Traditional Paper Cutting Art, Walking Chan, Repentance Dharma Ritual and Tea Chan.

(translated by Jin Yang)

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