LIVE on-line Dharma Talk by Ven. Guo Yuan

To further integrate Chan practice in daily life, we invite Ven. Guo Yuan, Director of Chan Practice Center, to share his experiences and wisdom on-line with IMG practitioners from around the globe.


Thursday, 3 April, 19:00(GMT+8)





Way of submitting questions:

E-mail to img.ddm@gmail.com during the talk



Sit for a certain period of time either before or after the talk


Backup link:



From our testing experiences, if the internet connection is interrupted during the broadcast, we are not able to resume the talk at the original link. Therefore, we have created the above mentioned backup link. If, for any reason, you fail to find a live image at the original link, please try the backup one.



1. This Dharma Talk, along with the following Q&A session, is scheduled to be about 1 hour.

2. You are welcome to bring forward your questions. However, with limited time, questions related to the topic will be answered first.

3. As this will be our first experiment, we are not sure what kind of problem may occur. If you run into any problem, please let us now so that we may try to improve next time.  

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