On Step 1st, the yearly Refuge-Taking and Blessing Ceremony was successfully completed at the Grand Hall in Dharma Drum World Center for Buddhist Education. In a delightful atmosphere, 600 followers, from both local and abroad, aged 6 to 100, vowed to take refuge in the Three Jewels and the Five Precepts, turning themselves into Buddhists who put the faith of benefiting others into actual practice.

Nung Chan Monastery will not be open from Oct. 5 to Oct. 12 due to 7-day Foundation Chan Retreat

As Nung Chan Monastery will hold a 7-Day Foundation Chan Retreat from Oct. 5 to Oct. 12, 2019, the campus will NOT be open to the general public during the above mentioned period.

During this period of time, the whole area of Nung Chan Monastery will be reserved for Chan practice only; sightseeing or photographing will be declined.

The campus will be open once the retreat is over on Oct. 12. Your kind attention is highly appreciated.

Nung Chan Monastery
With Joined Palms

At the end of every retreat we take the five precepts. Would Shih-fu explain in more detail what these precepts encompass? To what level should practitioners embrace the precepts? During one's practice, does the depth to which one accepts the precepts change? Also, your explanation of the five precepts has differed from retreat to retreat. Why is this so?

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