Celebrating the Bathing of the Buddha Festival and Mother’s Day in Liukuei

On 3 May, 2011, Venerable Chang Fa, the Vice Secretary General of Dharma Drum Mountain and Social Welfare Charity Foundation (DDMSWCF), volunteers and over 100 residents of Baolai gathered in to celebrate the Bathing of the Buddha Festival and Mother’s Day at the Baolai Community Activity Center in the Liukuei District of Kaohsiung City. .

The jubilant event began with an opening speech by Venerable Chang Fa on the origin of the Bathing of the Buddha Festival.

In the Mother’s Day spirit, many participants shared their stories onstage of the deep affection and gratitude towards their mothers who were seated in the audience. A few participants even exclaimed their love for their mother by saying ‘I love you!’ All the mothers who attended were later presented with a flower bouquet paired with the warmest blessings by Venerable Chang Fa.

In her speech, Venerable Chang Fa said that during this great occasion, we expressed our utmost gratitude to our mothers, as well as to this beautiful land which have both compassionately and selflessly nurtured our lives.

(translated by Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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