DDM's Second Medical Relief Team Departs for Earthquake-struck Sichuan on 24 May

The Dharma Drum Mountain relief team stationed at Sichuan was praised by the Sichuan government and its local residents for the work that they have carried out. The local people were deeply touched by the compassion of DDM relief team in their commitment to help, and formed a strong bond with the members of the relief team.

The first team of medical professionals will return home on 23 May as scheduled.
However, after accessing the situation, Venerable Guo Pin and five other members have made the decision to stay on and remain in the shelter compound. This decision was based on the need of the survivors for ongoing care.

The second team led by Dr Pan Wenzhong is due to arrive at the disaster zone on 24 May to continue providing ongoing medical care. The medical professionals in this second team have ample experience in emergency relief and covers areas of pediatrics, gynecology, surgery and general medicine.

Besides providing victims with basic necessities and medical relief, it is evident that there is a greater need in providing services to help survivors cope with the lost of loved ones. As more and more survivors are exhibiting signs of emotional trauma and severe depression, one of the top priorities of the DDM relief team is to help survivors manage and deal with their severe loss and stress.

(translated by Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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