DDMSWCF initiates emergency relief measures for Typhoon Fanapi’s victims

Typhoon Fanapi swept over Taiwan on 18th and 19th September, 2010, leaving a trail of death and destruction in its path. Severely affected by serious flooding were the southern Taiwan’s communities, especially those located below sea level in the Kaohsiung and Pintung Counties.

When the Dharma Drum Mountain Social Welfare and Charity Foundation (DDMSWCF) relief centers in Kaohsiung and Pintung were notified, they lost no time in immediately initiating emergency relief measureson the morning of 20th September, bringing much needed emergency aid to the victims at the earliest possible time.

Besides mobilizing Southern volunteers to clean up the remains ofrubbish and mud left by the typhoon, the relief centers in Kaohsiung and Pintung were also involved in distributing relief rations, such as instant noodles, drinking water and clothing, working in close collaboration with local township offices there. .

The benevolent work done by DDMSWCF volunteers is very much in line with the teachings of the late Venerable Master Sheng Yen who once said, “Those who help alleviate suffering are bodhisattvas and those in the throes of suffering are great bodhisattvas.”

DDMSWCF will continue its ongoing relief efforts in providing the victims with the basic necessities to enable them to return to their normal lives as soon as possible.

(translated by Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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