DDM Receives Awards from Taipei’s Department of Civil Affairs for Humanitarian Merits

On the morning of 1 September, 2010, The Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies, Nung Chan Monastery and Yunlai Monastery of Dharma Drum Mountain were awarded the highest merits by the Department of Civil Affairs of Taipei City Hall for their dedication to assisting disadvantaged people.

The event was held at the International Convention Center of National Taiwan University Hospital in Taipei. According to the Department of Civil Affairs, 65 humanitarian institutions received honors from Taipei City Hall this year.

Commissioner of the Department of Civil Affairs, Ms. Jing-Ru Huang Lu, expressed her deep appreciation to the awarded institutions as they have demonstrated great compassion in giving their devotion to the welfare of disadvantaged people in local communities. Society has benefited significantly from the compassionate contributions of these people, she added.

Venerable Jian Xin, Venerable Chang Guan and Venerable Chang Ying went on stage to receive honors from Commissioner Huang Lu respectively on behalf of The Chung-Hwa Institution of Buddhist Studies, Yunlai Monastery and Nung Chan Monastery.

(translated by Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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