DDM Donates Supplies to the Disaster Area in the Philippines Caused from Typhoon Haiyan

On November 8th, the central area of the Philippines was hit by a super strong typhoon, Haiyan, which caused heavy damage and left tens of thousands of people dead and injured. The Philippines authorities have called for international assistance, stating that approximately 630,000 people are displaced and that the disaster area is seriously short of supplies. In order to urgently help DDM, under the direction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, immediately collected supplies and necessities and sent them to the disaster areas of the Philippines in the afternoon of November 11th, 2013.

DDM Social Welfare and Charity Foundation said the first supplies sent included 71 boxes of blankets, 100 boxes of instant noodles and 100 boxes of rations. Owing to the disruption to the area’s infrastructure such as roads, communications and water supply, DDM will assist and provide supplies and care for the people affected in a timely manner through the local government. DDM will assist the people affected to pass through the difficulties and return to a stable life as best as possible.

(Translated by Tom Hsieh/Edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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