DDMSWCF’s Peace of Mind Relief Station in Jiaxian Hosts a Summer Camp for Students Living at Remote Villages

The Peace of Mind Relief Station of DDM Social Welfare and Charity Foundation (DDMSWCF) in Jiaxian City of Kaohsiung hosted a 3–day summer camp for 100 financially disadvantaged students living in remote villages.

Since the DDMSECF’s Jiaxian Station held its first camp three years ago, the summer camp has been recognized by local villagers for opportunity given to students in allowing them to explore life, improve their character, learn to care for others, and acquire more wisdom.

The Vice Secretary General of the DDMSWCF Venerable Chang Fa commented on the summer camp saying the DDMSWCF’s summer camp conducted during the summer vacation across Taiwan, has been highly recognized. DDMSWCF extends its services to financially disadvantaged teenagers and has endeavored to encourage and inspire every single young soul, and to plant Bodhisattva seeds.

(translated by Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing team)

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