On the morning of 13 December 2008, Dharma Drum Mountain Social Welfare and Charity Foundation (DDMSCF) initiated the 2008 End of Year philanthropic party at Nung Chan Monastery.
With a deep bow and joined palms we conveyed the blessings on behalf of Venerable Master Sheng Yen and Venerable Guo Dong, the Founder and Abbot President of Dharma Drum Mountain (DDM) respectively, to victims of the severe snowstorms that ravaged the southern provinces of mainland China. We handed a bag of relief supplies, worth approximately RMB$100, to the victims as our demonstration of empathy toward their hardship and sufferings in these difficult times.
DDM's Relief Team in Burma returned to Taiwan on 19 May 2008 and began reporting on the situation in Burma. Dharma Drum Mountain Social Welfare and Charity Foundation (DDMSWCF) met that evening to collate and study all relevant information and examined future direction in conducting relief operations there.
Dharma Drum Mountain Social Welfare and Charity Foundation (DDMSWCF) has dispatched its fourth relief team to quake-affected regions in Sichuan province since the recent earthquake. Survivors of the earthquake welcomed DDM's relief team comprising of medical personnel along with young and energetic members of Dharma Drum Youth Buddhist Society (DDYBS), learning and contributing immensely in the process.
On 25 February 2008, the Dharma Drum Mountain Social Welfare and Charity Foundation organized a relief team to Guangxi Province to provide a total of 42 tons of relief material as a form of humanitarian assistance to the victims of this snow-stricken area. The team included Guan-Yu Huang, Jian-Hsin Chen, Feng-Zhi Sheu, Zhi-Gang Shang and Sheng Wu.

Following a 15-day humanitarian relief mission in the cyclone-struck region of Myanmar, the second Dharma Drum Mountain (DDM) relief team returned home on 8 June 2008. This relief team, sent by DDM Social Welfare and Charity Foundation, included Mr Hsiung Yin-Hui, Mr Yang Yao-Chie, Miss Lee I-Chien, Miss Huang Mei-Su and Mr Yang Ren-Xian (Jin Yang).

On the afternoon of 12 May 2008, a deadly earthquake struck Sichuan Province in China, leaving tens of thousands dead and many more critically injured. The number of victims is still escalating, as many are still trapped beneath rubble from collapsed buildings, and are feared dead.

Cyclone Nargis hit Burma on 3 May, 2008. Tens of thousands of people have lost their lives and hundreds of thousands are now left homeless. It is the worst natural disaster to hit the country since the 2004 tsunami. International humanitarian relief organizations are ready to head to Burma to provide basic living necessities to those affected by this devastating cyclone.

The Sichuan Buddhist Association and the Office of Religious Affairs in the Sichuan Province has presented Dharma Drum Mountain with a plaque of appreciation for providing humanitarian aid to victims affected by the recent earthquake. Rescuers from Dharma Drum Mountain Social Welfare and Charity Foundation are still working in the devastated areas in the Sichuan province, China.
On the morning of 21 August 2008, chief leader of Dharma Drum Mountain relief team, Venerable Guo Pin and Deputy Abbot President of DDM signed contracts with officials of Xiushui Township of Sichuan Province in China. The contracts will see to the reconstruction of First Xiushui Elementary School and the Xiushui Health Center expected to be completed within one and half years.

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