Audrey Kitagawa (奧黛麗.北川), chair of the Programmatic Areas Standing Committee of the Parliament of the World’s Religions, the oldest interfaith organization, together with three other representatives, came from New York to visit the Dharma Drum Mountain complex on Oct 7 for a special report, in particular about DDM’s vision. At the interview, DDM Abbot President Ven. Guo Huei (果暉法師) gave her Master Sheng Yen’s works as a gift. Kitagawa also organized a panel discussion with DDM’s representatives Ven. Guo Chan (果禪法師), Ven. Chang Shen (常諗法師) and Prof. Deng Wei Jen (鄧偉仁), Director of the Department of Buddhist Studies, Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts, on the hotly debated issues surrounding climate change, ethnic harmony and social justice.

The Awakening Camp aims to let participants experience the monastic life, including self awareness in Buddhism, Buddhist chanting, noble deeds of eminent monks, Buddhist precepts, meditation practice, work practice, etc. Through this experience, it helps them to realize the meaning of their existence in this world and to contemplate the direction of their life. In turn, it widens the horizon of their perspective.


DDM World Center for Buddhist Education will not be open from Nov. 23 to Nov. 30 due to
7-day Great Compassion Water and Land Service.
It started sixteen years ago when late Master Sheng Yen went to Moscow to propagate the Dharma, a Dharma affinity was formed. Sixteen years later, an application for ash burial from 7500 kilometers away was finally fulfilled during Mid-Autumn Festival through the kind efforts of many. It is a lesson on life education; a reunion with the Dharma.


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