Pure Sprinkler Spacing Ritual of Lamp Transmission Department on 1 January 2011

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Special Event

Pure Sprinkler Spacing Ritual of Lamp Transmission Department

Date: 9:00AM-1:30PM, January, 1st, 2010. Saturday.



天南寺 Tien Nan Monastery 

No. 168, Ln. 138, Sec. 2, Jieshou Rd.,  Sanxia Township, Taipei Country 237, Taiwan.



TEL: 02-8676-2556



Shifus DVD Watching

Pure Sprinkler Spacing and Blessings

Praise of Dharma Drum by Dharma Youth

Blessing by Vice Provost of Meditation Department (Ven. Guo Yuan)

Lamp Transmission Department Activies Review

Summary of Spread Meditation Sharing by Senior Chan Participants

Healthy Vegetarian Diet

Tour Guide by Tien Nan Monastery and Lamp Transmission Department Office

( Include Visiting Sanjiaoyong, Sansia Qingshui Zuahi Temple and Sansia Old Street )


Meet at “Yongning MRT Station” Exit 4 (永寧捷運站) at 08:00AM


Register with:

Antonio Hsieh at  (02-2893-9966 ext 6506  Mon-Fri ; 9AM-5PM)

by indicating your name, mobile number, and email address


Register Deadline  30, December, 2010




For information:


International Meditation Group ( IMG )



Direction of Tien Nan Monastery (Chinese website)


Blog of Tien Nan Monastery (Chinese website):




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