In the “Tattvārtha” chapter of the Yogācārabhūmi Treatise <瑜伽真實義品> truth is called “reality” (S. tattva; C. zhenshi). Four broad categories of reality are discussed:
Who was I, before I was born?"

Hua-tou, which means asking a sentence without special meaning. Yet you need to ask this sentence all the time, for example, “What is Wu (Non-Being)”, “Who is the one that was reciting the Amitabha Buddha’s name?”
In collaboration with Columbia University, Sheng Yen Education Foundation has established the world’s first permanent Sheng Yen Professorship in Chinese Buddhist Studies in the U.S. in 2007. Ever since then, the worldwide visibility and public understanding of Chinese Buddhism has continued to develop, including other universities.

Looking back at the accomplishments made over the past 12 years, four senior officers from Columbia University were brought closer to Master Sheng Yen and Dharma Drum Mountain during their visit to Sheng Yen Foundation on Aug 14, 2018. They aspired to cooperation between the two sides to jointly propagate Chinese Buddhism studies and develop its global communications.
“Well-adorned is a peacock with splendid feathers, yet it is no better than a goose that can fly long distances; Wealth and power a common person may possess, yet such blessings pale in comparison with those of the ordained.”

DDM Sangha University held its annual monastic ordination ceremony at the anniversary of Earth Treasure Bodhisattva’s birthday (地藏菩薩聖誕) at 9.00 am on 9 Sept. With the blessings and congratulations given by 150 participants and 16 novice peer monks and nuns, all attendees witnessed the emerging pre-eminent monastics and acted in concert to pay tribute to the life-transforming ordained nuns.
At 10 a.m. on September 2, the sounds of the bell and drum resonated across Dharma Drum Mountain World Center for Buddhist Education. More than 3,000 representatives of monastic and lay practitioners of DDM from home and abroad participated in the succession ceremony of the sixth abbot president of DDM, which was broadcast online in real time. In the ceremony “Inheriting the Past and Inspiring the Future,” participants celebrated the inaugural of Ven. Guo Huei, wishing him success in continuing to lead the DDM Sangha in its endeavor to promote “Protecting the Spiritual Environment” movement and popular Buddhist education through social care.
June 28 – 30, 2018: the DDM Sheng Yen Education Foundation (聖嚴教育基金會) held the 7th Chinese Buddhism and Sheng Yen International Conference at the GIS NTU Convention Center. In his opening speech, Venerable Guo Dong (果東法師), Former Abbot President of DDM, stated that the initial aspiration of Master Sheng Yen was to introduce the Buddha Dharma to the modern society so that the general public could benefit from the Dharma; which is also the aim of this conference.
In their macro-analysis, the first keynote speeches in the 7th Chinese Buddhism & Sheng Yen International Conference portrayed ancient literati monks as the significant figures that kept in contact with the society and political authorities, so as to blend in Buddha Dharma with the public.

Furthermore, the second speaker explored the beliefs and practices behind the monks’ endeavors of Dharma dissemination. At last, turning to the micro-analysis, through the studies of monks’ autobiographies writing, the third speaker then revealed their personal body- mind experiences in their life. In the long range impact, intrinsic strength within the ancient monks was deliberately shown thereof.
For your kind reference, as Nung Chan Monastery is holding the Seven-Day Foundation Chan Retreat, from September 29 to Oct 6, 2018, the Campus will NOT be open to the general public within the above duration.

Do Buddhists Believe That Repentance Is Effective? Yes, Buddhists definitely believe in the effectiveness of repentance. While completed acts of killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, and major deception (falsely claiming that one is a noble one) will definitely bring about retribution for the perpetrator, other misdeeds, such as attempted offences, unintentional breaking of the precepts, and failures to follow the rules of dignified conduct [for monastics] can all be repented with all retribution dissolved in accordance with the methods prescribed by the Buddha.
The succession ceremony of the sixth Abbot President of Dharma Drum Mountain will be broadcast LIVE, 9.00 A.M. Sept 2, 2018. (Taipei Time)

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