In the bright moonlight, Wishing you calm serenity.

On August 31st, DDM International Meditation Group held an one-day retreat in English at AiQun Building (愛群大廈) in downtown Taipei.
Dharma Drum Mountain is a practice center for Buddhist where the spirit of the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva (Guanyin) is highly prominent. To learn the Guanyin method, one has to recollect, pray, learn, and model oneself after Guanyin.
Hundred schoolchildren brainstormed to safeguard the world

On July 11th – 14th, at DDM World Center for Buddhist Education, 106 schoolchildren joined DDM Children's Camp where they explored new possible solutions for global waste. Through role-playing as national leaders, prime ministers or opinion leaders, they learned to use compassion and wisdom to safeguard the world.
Late Master Sheng Yen once said, “Without sufficient and profound practice, the assistance one could offer is limited; however hard one may try, it would hardly bring about the ultimate and perfect result. This past June, DDM Sangha held the Vassa, monastic rain retreat, in the Grand Buddha Hall of Dharma Drum Mountain World Center for Buddhist Education. More than two hundred monastics from DDM branches from local and aboard gathered together for the one-month retreat. It was not only to abide by the practice established by the Buddha, but to follow the admonition from late Master Sheng Yen to his disciples that one has to constantly deepen his understanding and realization of the Dharma.
On the morning of July 17th, 27 youths, aged 16 to 25, from 17 countries including Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, etc., started their one-day meditation camp at DDM Zhai Ming Monastery (齋明寺), a Chinese Buddhist monastery built with a fine blend of both old and new. “Welcome Welcome Haere Mai,” 12 volunteer group leaders from Dharma Drum for Young People sang loudly upon their arrival, giving them a warm welcome to start the day.

On June 28, the forum titled “The Development of Chan Buddhism in Contemporary Era” was held to commemorate the 10th anniversary of late Master Sheng Yen’s passing. Invited by the DDM Sangha, his Dharma heirs from both the East and the West gathered together to share their understanding of Dharma from long-term practice. The forum saw nearly one thousand followers who were equally earnest to learn from the Dharma heirs at various meditation workshops in the afternoon at DDM World Center for Buddhist Education, Jinshan, New Taipei City.

On June 29 and 30, the International Conference on Buddhism and Social Science took place on the campus of Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts at DDM World Center for Buddhist Education, following the Development of Chan Buddhism in Contemporary Era forum held on June 28. Nearly 100 scholars and Buddhist monastics from home and from abroad attended the conference, sharing their views on social science with new interpretations and perspectives from the Buddhist point of view.
“To build a Pure Land on Earth with the wisdom and compassion of the Dharma”: this core intent of the Dharma has always been upheld by the sangha of Dharma Drum Mountain since its establishment by the late Master Sheng Yen (Shifu). Shifu explained the significance of the ground breaking ceremony, often referred to as ‘opening the mountain’, as thus “To unlock the dormant potential that lies within each of us so that we develop wisdom and compassion, which lead to harmony, peace, happiness and health in society and the world at large. This is the significance of ‘Opening the Mountain’.
To repay gratitude to Shifu and to bring benefits of Chan and Buddhadharma to more people, DDM Sangha will hold two events in June, 2019 – “ Meditation Forum & Workshop: The Development of Chan Buddhism in Contemporary Era” on June 28, and “International Conference on Buddhism and Social Science” on June 29 - 30.

At DDM Sangha’s invitation, scholars and dharma heirs of late Master Sheng Yen from both the East and the West will convene at DDM World Center for Buddhist Education. They will share with the general public their experiences and apprehension in learning and applying Chan, hoping to continue late Master Sheng Yen’s great vows of propagating Chinese Chan Buddhism.
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